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    Side effects

    An adverse reaction is an undesirable effect of a medicinal product or a natural medical preparation. These types of preparations always come with a Product Information Leaflet.
    Food supplements fall under the scope of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, as they are legally classified as food and therefore can not be attributed to medical effects. Therefore, they are not attributed to side effects and do not contain Product Information Leaflets. Nevertheless, sometimes they may cause unwanted reactions.
    If you experience any symptoms that you do not expect or symptoms that are not mentioned in the package leaflet or in other accompanying information about the product, consult your doctor. Important: If you experience a serious side effect, you should contact your doctor or emergency room immediately.
    Your doctor may decide if an adverse reaction requires your treatment to be changed. Your doctor may also recommend that you stop using a product. Your doctor can report side effects and relevant information from your medical records that can help the medicines authorities in their assessment.

    It is also possible to report adverse reactions through a pharmacy, or directly to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) from their website. You can report side effects to the (FSAI) here

    If you have any questions about adverse reactions, including unwanted effects of food supplements or cosmetic products, please feel free to contact Pharma Nord.